Home Loan
Home is where the heart is! At Aadi Wealth MF Services, we understand this better than most – the toil and sweat that goes into building/ buying a house and the subsequent pride and joy of owning one. This is why our Housing loan schemes are designed to make it simple for you to make a choice at least as far as financing goes! 
Loan Against Shares
We provide loan against shares which is advantageous as this helps you to keep your carefully made portfolio intact and get cash against it anytime you want. The shares held by you have to be in the physical form or in the demat form. 
Loan Against Mutual Funds
All the banks have their individual list of approved securities (a list of companies) against which the bank provides a loan. Both, resident and non-resident Indians can take a loan against the mutual funds. However you can also take a loan against units of mutual funds, bonds and other securities (as specified by the bank) held by you. 
Loan Against Property
Loan against property or Property Loan, as it is often referred to, is a loan taken by pledging your existing property as a security. Loans against property can come in handy when other sources of funding get exhausted.

It is important to understand that a loan against property is different from a home loan. While a home loan is a bank loan taken to buy a property, a loan against property is a loan secured from the bank by putting up your existing property as a security against the loan.    
Esop Funding
For an employee, the biggest wealth creation opportunity comes from ESOPs. That is also a company’s way of rewarding and retaining key staff members. ESOP funding is a loan facility offered against vested shares allotted to employees. This provides an employee an instant line of credit.
Project Financing
We would gladly be your partner in project financing as well! We cooperate with renowned, also take an active part in supporting our customers with the preparation of the required financing.

Aadiwealth possesses the required financing know-how and thereby the acceptance in banking circles. Our financial experts are in constant communication with all important players in the financing sector.